Fruit Joy

SPILL Festival of Performance Art
Ipswich, October 2016

He said I can speak Spanish, Hola señorita, Una cerveza por favor, Mi casa es su casa, La isla bonita.

Hey, tell me, do you know where to get really good cocaine?

Fruit Joy is a durational performance placing the body as a site where desire, consumption and culture collide. It enacts the otherness of the exotic body, linking it to the everyday materiality of tropical fruit, and articulating the complexity of power relations beneath the surface.

Fruit Joy subverts the appeal of tropical exoticism, by initially embracing it to then expose its oppression, until it collapses under its own weight as fruit juices ferment and sweetness turns sour.

Image credits
Daniella Valz Gen, Fruit Joy, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, produced by Pacitti Company.
Photo by Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Post by Jason Haye