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How to Hold, Behold and Be Held


How to Hold, Behold and Be Held by Rhiannon Armstrong is a gathering of work exploring testimony as a way to hold the experiences of others, tarot as a way to consider the future and our place in it, and song as a form of cradle.

For the Behold section of the project, Rhiannon and I came up with a series of questions in response to our situation and answered through weekly tarot readings, with the aim to help us begin to think about our place in the future and in the world. The readings will be released every Monday of January 2021 through the Sacred Song Tarot Instagram account as well as the accounts of the Wellcome Collection and Rhiannon Armstrong and archived on Rhiannon's website.
An offering of brief moments of spaciousness within uncertainty. This PDF(︎︎︎) contains four tarot readings crafted collaboratively with artist and performance maker Rhiannon Armstrong. Our questions addressed the complexities of the pandemic and the various stages of lockdown, as we responded to Wellcome Collection’s holdings on tarot, talismans and the occult.