Wiska / Weave — Colaborar is the Name of the Game

Public intervention with Sin Fronteras

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On Saturday April 20th 2017, we invited our friends and family to take part of a public intervention in Burgess Park. The intervention started with us weaving long pieces of fabric to create a structure upheld by our bodies.

The wiska or weave plays with ideas rooted in South American textile based cultural expressions and provided a space to experience, embody and interrogate what upholding ties amongst each other might mean. This exercise required us to constantly communicate as to maintain the same speed and tension, it also required us to be aware of the space we were occupying and moving through so that we could adapt with flexibility. As a collective we negotiated the hurdles of moving through the park while maintaining the weave structure.

Wiska / weave made us collectively visible in the landscape of Burgess Park, a meeting point for the Latin community in London, and it made us accountable to each other in maintaining the crisscrossing structure of our ties.

Images by Carlos Rojas Poeda