You can call me Horse


Visions Listening Programme curated by Serafine 1369
Gropius Bau, 2022

You can call me horse is a collage of spoken word and soundscapes. It speculates on the origin story of Chiron, an immortal god from Greek mythology that's part horse and part human. Chiron was a teacher of medicine in spite of his chronic wound, and had Achilles, Asclepius and Dionisus amongst his pupils. An asteroid in our solar system was discovered in 1977 and named after Chiron. Since then, astrologers have speculated about its symbolic significance in natal charts as a placement that indicates both woundedness and the capacity for healing. You can call me horse channels the voice of Chiron, the god, through the cultural artefacts of the time when Chiron, the asteroid, was discovered. The piece includes cover versions of songs by Curtis Mayfield, Q Lazzarus and Patti Smith, amongst others. This piece was developed in collaboration with fellow Chiron devotee Sammy Paloma who did the sound design, and Maggie the mare from Ealing Riding School.

 Visions Listening Programme, installation view, Gropius Bau atrium

Chiron, graphite and ink